Electronic Poster

Electronic posters highlight innovative initiatives, concepts, and tools. Our rich collection of posters were submitted by colleagues from organizations from around the world. If you would like to contribute a poster, please e-mail IFPRI-FAOBangkokConference@cgiar.org.

Agricultural Production, Biodiversity, and Dietary Diversity

Local Food Fair: An Initiative for Promotion of Traditional Food Products (NUS based)
Himalayan Super Foods: Healthy and Nutrition
New Micronutrient-Rich Dual-Purpose Tomato for the Tropics
The PADES Initiative
WorldVeg Genebank
Is Packed Lunch from Home Nutritious? How Could School Meal be Improved to Increase its Uptake?
Healthier Lives, More Resilient Livelihoods
Use of Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer
International Mungbean Improvement Network
Demand for Safe Vegetables: Gender Differences in Pakistan
The Issue of Soil Pollution Solved Using Organic Farming
Leveraging Local Agrobiodiverse Food Systems to Help Reverse the Rise of Malnutrition in Pacific Small Island Developing States
Dietary Gaps in Tropical Sub-Saharan Africa
Food Access Channels in Tropical Sub-Saharan Africa
Skyline Spirulina as a Superfood
Potato and Sweetpotato for Healthier Food Systems
Food Tree and Crop Portfolios for Filling Household Food and Nutrition Gaps in Kenya and Uganda
NutriFish – The Most Micro-Nutrient Rich Animal Source Food

Agriculture-Nutrition Links

Accelerating the End of Hunger and Malnutrition: Experiences from Zambia
Feasibility of Farming System for Nutrition (FSN) Approach: Evidence from Rural India
TCI-TARINA: Accelerating the Pace toward Diversified Food Systems in India
Assessing the Contribution of Agriculture to Nutrition in Ethiopia
Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture Training Resource Package
The Role of Local Agroforestry Practices for Enhancing Food and Nutrition Security of Smallholding Farming Households: The Case of Yayu Area, South-western Ethiopia
Ending Hunger and Malnutrition in Developing Countries
Impact of School Gardens on Nutrition Outcomes

Communication, Advocacy, and Education

One Home, One Food Garden
Give Food, Give Hope
The ABC of Life - AlfaSAN
Greta y Sus Amigos
No One's Land
Bright Start
Better Lives of Children through Livestock
Livestock Produce – A Bridge to Reach a Hunger Free World
Who is the Furthest Behind?
Healthy Maisha
Smallholder Pig Systems
Women Livestock Keepers
Intensive and Sustainable Farming Systems Help Women and Children
Putting Livestock Tools in Hands of Women
Accelerating Value Chain Development in Kenya
Reducing Child Malnutrition by Improving Home Augmented Diet Through Positive Deviance Approach in West Bengal, India
Three Things Needed to Help Solve Our Food Crisis: Learn, Link, and Leverage

Country experiences

Bridging the Urban-Rural Information Gap, Boosting Rural Revitalization
Zambia's First 1,000 MCDP (Most Critical Days Programme)
What Lessons from Public Agriculture Expenditure Analysis towards Improving Performance in the Framework of Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP)? Case of Togo from 2010 to 2014
Bridging the Urban-Rural Information Gap, Boosting Rural Revitalization
Seeking Zero Hunger and Malnutrition in Malawi by 2030
UN Network Nutrition Snapshot of Ghana
UN Network Nutrition Snapshot of Sierra Leone
UN Network Nutrition Snapshot of Myanmar
Improved Agriculture and Nutrition for a Prosperous Papua New Guinea
Malawi National Agricultural Policy
CAMBODIA is drafting a National Food Security and Nutrition Strategy which identifies investment priorities for food security and nutrition across different sectors
FIJI is finalizing its strategic plan for agriculture which guides investments in the sector towards food security and nutrition and other goals
HONDURAS has developed a policy frameworkto guide cross-sectoral investments for food security and nutrition
KYRGYZSTAN has drafted its National Food Security and Nutrition Programme, which is going through public consultation. The Programme will guide investments and actions for ending hunger and malnutrition
LIBERIA has formulated a National Agricultural Investment Plan. This reorients investments in agriculture towards food security and nutrition
NIGER has identified the resource needs for its multi-sectoral nutrition action plan. It has also established a mechanism to help ensure that different sectors contribute to improving nutrition as planned
TIMOR-LESTE has identified investment priorities and needs across different sectors. This allows the sectors to better contribute to eradicating stunting
AFGHANISTAN has established the High Level Food Security and Nutrition Steering Committee to ensure that investments and actions across different sectors contribute to food security and nutrition
CHAD has adopted a framework law foragriculture, livestock and fisheries to improve governance and guide actions and investments for food security and nutrition
COLOMBIA has developed provincial strategies for socioeconomic and productive reincorporation of people affected by the conflict
IVORY COAST has formulated a National Agricultural Investment Plan. This reorients investments in agriculture towards food security and nutrition
ETHIOPIA has reoriented its investments in national flagship programmes (i.e. Productive Safety Net Programme, Second Agriculture Growth Project and Horticulture Strategy) towards improving nutrition
ECOWAS is drafting its regional policy for fisheries & aquaculture. This will guide sectoral investments for  food security and nutrition. To inform the policy, countries reviewed their national policies and identified investment priorities
UGANDA has updated its policy,  legal  and regulatory framework to facilitate investments in the fisheries  and aquaculture sector for food security and nutrition
BURKINA FASO has formulated a National Agricultural Investment Plan. This reorients investments in agriculture towards improving gender equality and food security and nutrition
GUATEMALA has reoriented its family farming programme so that investments in the programme contribute to eliminating child malnutrition
KENYA has developed its Agriculture Sector and Transformation Strategy. This guides investments in agriculture towards food security and nutrition and other goals
Lao PDR has developed its capacities to effectively work on nutrition sensitive agriculture (NSA). There is high-level commitment to NSA, extension agents are able to offer related support and a monitoring mechanism has been established
MYANMAR has designed and is implementinga new land use policy that enables investments in diversified crop production for improved nutrition
SOLOMON ISLANDS has formulated its National Food Security, Safety and Nutrition Policy and Action Plan.  Once approved by parliament, this will guide investments for food security and nutrition

Data, Methodologies, and Modelling

Long Term Panel Data to Better Understand the Future of Nutrition in Rural Asia
Innovated Per Adult Human United Method (PAHUM) versus Error Bound Per Capita (PC) Evaluation - Rectifying the Unnoticed/Disregarded PC Projection Error for the Global Food Security
IFPRI’s Spatial Production Allocation Model (SPAM 2000, 2005, 2010)
Quantity and Quality Dimensions of Food Access at an Individual Level: Identifying the Triple Burden of Malnutrition Cases
Generating Data Dialogues in India: POSHAN’s District Nutrition Profiles
The Nutrient Deficit Score

Policy, Investments, and Systems Approach

Regional Coordination for Addressing Malnutrition in Asia
Eradicating Hunger: Rebuilding Food Regime
3I Approach to Food System Research : What difference does it make?
Nutrition Decade
CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets
India's Initiatives to Tackle Malnutrition
Livestock Master Plans
Insights from AgriProFocus - Policy Group on Food Security
Nutrition within the Sustainable Development Goals: Framework, Pathways and Synergies


Can a Resilience Approach Work in Crisis?
Building an Early Warning Food System that Counts
Nutritional Status of Women in Reproductive Age and Stunting of Children and Household Resilience to Food Insecurity in Guatemala
Risk and Household Resilience to Food Insecurity in Guatemala

Tool, Network, or Innovation

ReSAKSS-Asia Regional Strategic Analysis and Knowledge Support System for Asia
Safe Rainwater Based Planter for Home Gardens
The Society for Implementation Science in Nutrition (SISN): Connecting Knowledge with Action for Impact
Access Agriculture
Fill the Nutrient Gap (FNG): Nutrition situation analysis for multi-sectoral decision-making
Pivotal: Making Every Move Count
Social Equity Approach – PPP for Malnutrition Alleviation


Fighting Goat's Disease in Democratic Republic of Congo: Diagnosis and Surveillance of Peste Des Petits Ruminants
Coverage of Non-Lady Health Workers covered area through Community Workers/NGOs in Balochistan
Reducing Iron Deficiency Anemia through scaling-up encapsulated Double Fortified Salt (eFF-DFS) in India
Effects of Hydro-Agricultural Dams on Agricultural Income of Farmers: Evidence from Sologo, Solomougou and and Tchaloni Dams?